Am I pregnant? Please help me!

Patient: I had sex on July 3rd, it was unprotected and I’m not on the pill. He didn’t ejaculate in me but he did when he pulled out. He said that he went to the bathroom before we had sex. And I’ve been looking online and it says that if a guy urinates after masturbation that there should be little to no sperm in his pre cum. It’s been about a week since I’ve had sex and I was supposed to get my period yesterday which was the 11th of July but it didn’t come. I’ve been really worried since And stressed since I had unprotected sex that I might be pregnant, could this be why my period was missed or is late? ( my period has been very regular for awhile now) my last period was June 13 th. I also have a separate question, when a women is fertile, does the fertility end exactly that day a calculation say it does or does it need a few extra Days? (For example: if a women is fertile from the 22-28 would it end exactly on the 28th?) Please help! Thank you

Symptoms: Abdominal pain, eating a bit more

Doctor: I don’t think you could be pregnant especially as your partner did not ejaculate in your vagina. You are obviously stres sed about the unprotected intercourse and the stress is affecting your cycle adversely. If you do not get a period in two weeks time , it would be advisable to do a home pregnancy test.Even if the pregnancy kit tests negative, to know the exact reason for the delayed menses, it is recommended that you consult a gynecologist or a local doctor. The doctor will examine you and will probably advise certain hormonal evaluations, ultrasound examinations to determine the cause of delayed periods.Withdrawing before ejaculation is not a reliable method of contraception. The calculation of a safe period is also a very rough estimate and you can never be exactly sure that the safe period starts or ends on the day as is calculated.To avoid such distress in the future, I strongly urge you to use protection or any other form of birth control regularly. Visit a family planning clinic or a contraception counselor and discuss the benefits and use of contraception especially emergency contraceptive or morning after pills. Armed with the proper knowledge, I am sure you will be able to avoid such anxious moments in the future.