Am i pregnant? should i take pt now?

Patient: I started taking althea pill on the 1st day of my menstruation on jan3. My boyfriend and i had sex on 8jan/6th day of taking the pill. He ejaculated inside me few times. I had LBM after we had sex, so im worried the pill wouldnt work. We had sex again on 12jan. He also ejaculated inside me few times. Btw, thisis my 1st month taking the pill. I havent taken any pills before. I also missed missed some pills on certain days, so had to take 2 pills on some days. But i finished the whole pack.Sometimes, i felt sleepy. I felt nauseous twice after taking two pills. I also felt minor abdominal spasm the day after we had sex. My vagina itch sometimes.I havent taken PT yet as i plan to take it only if i dont have menstruation on last week of january or 1st week of feb.Is there a chance i got pregnant?Should i take the pregnancy test now???

Doctor: Its never a good idea to be irregular on the pill as it increases your chances of a pill failure.If the pill packet i s started on the first day of your cycle generally the contraceptive effect is immediate and there is usually no need for any additional contraceptive use. However loose bowel movements may affect the efficacy of the pill.Since there are multiple factors why the pill regimen could have failed in your history, there is reason top believe that pregnancy is possible. It would be appropriate to take a pregnancy test on the day of your expected periods or later if you miss your periods. Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a woman’s urine.Specifics may vary for each pregnancy test, hence just follow the manufacturer’s instructions mentioned on the kit and you will be able to take the test correctly.With your kind of usage, pill failure seems likely. It is advisable that you visit a contraception counselor or family planning clinic for advice regarding correct pill usage. Discuss other methods of contraception also that do not require daily usage for better convenience.