Am I pregnant today as my hCG levels are 107

Patient: – Pregnancy kit showed clear 2 lines when I tested it around on 3rd April (and on March 31st) which was done twice and I was excited that I am pregnant- I had my last period on Feb 28th and so doctor deduced that I am week 5 pregnant- However, since past couple of days I had brown water discharge and had couple of blood stains today (April 12th 2014)-I went for ultrasound today and there was no thickness on uterus lining nor any sign of baby as per the sonologist- I took Beta HcG Serum blood test today and the results were 106.74 miU/ml (Ref. Range < 5.00). Doctor advised this today in the morning.- Doctor had also given me HcG 5000 around a week back (on april 6th 2014) to support the pregnancy.- I still have some bleeding today.My question is , Am I pregnant today as my HcG levels are still 107 but are much less as compared to reference ranges for 6 week pregnancy and what should be course of action. Doctor: Thank you for your query.The doctor has supplemented hCG injection to support the pregnancy. But the βhCG value i s low for the gestational age. Try repeating the βhCG blood test after 2 days from the first test, if there is a doubling pattern of increase in the hormone levels of hCG it may show that the pregnancy is progressing well, on contrary if the levels don't increase or decrease then it may mean that it is an early miscarriage.Unless the βhCG levels are >1500 mIU/ml a gestational sac will not be visible on a scan.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.