Am i pregnant? When dealing with pills, masturbation, and negative test.

Patient: Im 17 and some day between April 28th-May4th 2014 i had unprotected sex. But it was literally like he put it in and he stroked one time and i stopped immediately and changed my mind because i was uneasy about the idea of unprotected sex. So since then I havnt had my period for the month of April,May, and June. And i started taking the pill on June 22nd, 2014. I only took it that Sunday even though i didnt start my period because my mom told me to. Ive also taken two home pregnancy test and one at the doctors and they were all negative. but they were all pee test. I am a dancer so im constantly exercising and dieting and stressed. But i wanna know why i havnt had my period.In the past two days, I masturbated and its been multiple months since ive done that but my discharge is brown which is normal for some reason when i do masturbate, but the at one point it was bright red blood but thats it. And i am bloated.

Symptoms: Acne, Bloating

Doctor: I don’t think you are pregnant for two reasons. Firstly, unless your partner ejaculated inside you the chances of a conc eption are nil and secondly negative pregnancy test are confirmatory of the fact that you are not pregnant. As you rightly said strenous physical activities such as martial arts, dancing, athletics can lead to amenorrhoea or absence of periods and subsequent decreased bone mineral density (BMD), or osteoporosis. This is what is probably happening to you.Although the long-term consequences of a chronically estrogen-depleted state in young amenorrheic women are unknown at this time, hypoestrogenism is definitely predisposes you to osteoporosis or weak bones. I would suggest that you consult with a OBGYN about your problem. After an evaluation, your doctor will most likely prescribe you with hormonal pills, These pills will not only regularise your cycles but also help you with contraceptive benefit which will help you pursue a healthy sex life. Do not hesitate in seeking help regarding this issue you are facing; there are many girls like you who go through these problems.