October 16, 2018

Am I pregnant? Why am i spotting 1 week after my period?

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Patient: I started my period march 5th it ended march 11th. I had unprotected sex on March 12th 13th and 14th he ejaculated in me all 3 time im not birth control. My period was over the 11th I spotted for half a day on march 18th it wasn’t a real lot just enough to be annoying. Today the 20th I have been spotting again like when I wipe its on the toilet paper and a little on my panties. I have taking to urine pregnancy test there bothe negative and it would be to early for one to show positive I had light cramps this morning but they went away after a minute. I am wondering what this could be? I have regular periods and this hasn’t happened.

Symptoms: Spotting light cramps



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If you are having regular 28 to 30 days menstrual cycles, as ovulation may not occur during first ten days of the menstrual cycle, the possibility of pregnancy is somewhat less in your case.And the spotting you are having could be ovulation spotting due to hormonal imbalance.If you are having irregular periods, we cannot predict the time of ovulation and if you have conceived the spotting could be implantation bleeding.The other possible causes of bleeding are pelvic inflammatory disease presenting with cervical erosion, cervical polyp etc.To find out the possibility of pregnancy, better to wait till your expected date of periods and if you miss the periods, go for a pregnancy test once.If the spotting persists or repeats, better to consult your doctor and get evaluated.Take care.

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