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Am I safe from HIV/STD/HPV? :(

Patient: I recently received oral sex from a girl I was seeing. I did not ejaculate in her mouth. We also kissed before. She said she had HPV 16 but was cleared by her doctor. I also asked her about HIV and STDs beforehand and she said that she was safe. Do you think I should see a doctor?Recently my stomach has been churning too and it is making me worry. Could that be anything?



Symptoms: Upset stomach



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,If you have been involved in an oral sex episode with a girl whos e HIV /STD status was clear and she was cleared of HPV 16 infection (which affects the cervix and cause cervical erosions), then there is no real cause of worry of contracting any infection at all. If there had been no oral lesions in your partner and even you didn’t have any abrasions over the penile skin then HIV is unlikely to be transferred trough salivary route. However if you are still skeptical about STDs, even though stomach churning is no sign of any such infection, you may get an STD screen run for you after 10 days of exposure which shall allow you to be relieved of anxiety after picture is cleared evidently.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Wishing you safe sexual practices,Regards

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Patient: Hi, thank you for the response. I have another date tomorrow. Am I safe to kiss the girl?

Doctor: If there had been no oral canker sores and/or other lesions then there are no chances of transmission of any std or HIV per se through kissing.

Patient: I should still get tested for HIV/STDs though to put my mind at ease, correct?
Can I get STD/HIV testing at the same lab I go to for normal blood work?

Doctor: As the chances are minimal still to get your mind at ease, there is no harm getting the tests done. Yes they can be done in the same diagnostics lab .


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