Am I showing signs of pregnancy or am I just over reacting?

Patient: My boyfriend and I had sex about a week ago, he leaked inside of me and I tried getting all the access out bit I’m afraid that I didn’t get it all. Ever since then I’ve been nauseous, craving weird food having some acid reflux, a little constipated, very moody and my breasts have been sensitive. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet and when we did have intercourse he wore a condom. I had my period early this month but I am worried that I could be pregnant. What should I do? I am getting a pregnant test sometime this week but I’m very concerned.

Symptoms: Nausea, tender breasts, acid reflux, weird cravings, constipation

Doctor: Hello,Considering that you had period in the first week of this month then you were in your fertile period when you h ad sex which was protected though but you suspect leak. So, the possibility of pregnancy exists as you haven’t been on any form of contraception for this month. There is still a week left for your periods to resume, so at present , the best way to confirm any pregnancy would be to perform blood serum beta hcg test on day 22-26 of the cycle. The higher levels would indicate pregnancy and if the levels are less than 1 , then the symptoms you are experiencing that of nausea, breast tenderness, cravings and acid reflux can be attributed to premenstrual syndrome which mimic symptoms of early pregnancy.PMS should indicate in absence of pregnancy that menses are going to ensue or start soon and the symptoms shall be relieved once the bleeding starts or ends.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards