Am I still Fertile and what should I do?

Patient: Hello, I think i have hydrocele based on what i have read and what i notice on my does not pain me at all and it is not very much. my question is if it is not removed, can it cause infertility?also, i used to masturbate very heavily but i dont anymore now that i am married. i notice i take almost forever to cum and most times i dont cum

Symptoms: 1. a little internal swell on scrotum, painless though
2. i take too long to cum and i don’t cum most times

Doctor: Your anxiety is understandable. As rightly told by you, it is unlikely to pain unless infected. However, it is likely to grow continuously and can be a cause for infertility, in some individuals. Do meet your near by surgeon and it is a minor surgery for them to set it right. Early the better!