Am I suffering with SKIN disease or STD?

Patient: Dear doctor myself male 23 years, I have been masturbating from the past seven years but never had any kind of sexual relation with anybody till now. I am observing some kind of BLISTERS on my penis skin from around a year. In the middle of this year, once, while watching porn film in a theater, a person beside me gave HAND JOB to me and I too gave him a HAND JOB, but I strongly remember that his hands were completely DRY when he gave me hand job. However, blisters were present on my penis before to this incident itself. I am NOT FEELING ITCHING SENSATION also I am not feeling any kind of PAIN until unless I forcibly stretch the skin over the infected area and press the blisters. I have no pain while urinating also but after the above incident, I am getting whitish THICK STINGY discharge from my penis in the morning once or twice in a month. I am sending the images of my penis. Please tell me what kind of STD or SKIN problem I am suffering with? Is this serious or will it be cured automatically without treatment? If not, is it curable? If so, is it necessary to take medical treatment IMMEDIATELY? As I feel shy to discuss this with my parents. Is there any instant treatment that I can do myself at home? In future will I face any problems in my sex life? I am unable to concentrate on my studies, as I am so much worried and mentally depressed about this. Please help me doctor.Thanking you.