Am I tapering off alcohol safely ?

Patient: I am 21 years old, and am I heavy drinker. I didn’t drink for 4 days, then on thanksgiving I got really drunk and binged til Sunday. Then Monday i stArted feeling sick and like I was having withdrawals so I had like a beer an hour to make myself feel comfortable. Then Tuesday I had about 6-8 drinks to try and pace myself off. Wednesday only 2 drinks and Thursday 0. But I cant sleepAnd feel like a May have had a slight nocturnal seizeure. I’m drinking 2 beers now. Do you think it be safer for me to have a few for the next few days then to not drink anything ?

Symptoms: Insomnia

Doctor: Hellothank you for posting your query on ATDit is obvious that sudden stoppage of alcohol to which person is addicte d, is going to cause withdrawal symptoms.To quit alcohol tapering is not suggested because alcohol is having a short duration of action and hence requires frequent boozing .to quit alcohol, strong mental will is required and success is possible only through determination to get rid of are requested to consult doctor and psycologist who will counsel you and help to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. you doctor may prescribe you some medicines which will help you to overcome withdrawal. you are advised to shift your mind on other creative hobbies, where you get deeply involved and enjoy the time.