Amnion and chorion not fused

Patient: Had ultrasound at 15w6d and they said that amnion and chorion weren’t completely fused but doctor didn’t seemed worried. All the info I can find states that they should fuse by 12-14 weeks and can indicate a chromosomal disorder otherwise. Should I be worried and do I need a 2nd opinion or just wait it out until u/s at 20 weeks

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We do not have access to your ultrasound report order to determine the extent to which the Amnion and chorion are not fused. We will attempt to give you a general outline of why this happens and what could be the complications involved. Chorioamniotic separation occurs when the amniotic sac separates from the placental tissue. This commonly occurs during amniocentesis procedures. Some cases occur spontaneously and is associated with advanced maternal age. Another association that can be made is that chromosomal and fetal abnormalities can lead to this. In order to determine if this is the case further intrauterine testing must be conducted. Chorioamniotic separation is by no means a diagnostic for chromosomal abnormalities, but may be associated with them. It is important that you seek clarification of this from your doctor or have a second obstetrician perform an ultrasound and interpret the results for you.Thank you for consulting