Anal Yeast Infection

Patient: Hi there, I have recently been diagnosed with an anal yeast,bacterial infection. I seem to have got over the worst as the anal area has went from a “danger” red to a pinky purple colour. My anus used to be brown in colour though, my question is will it go back to that colour or will it stay the same way it is just now? Thanks for your time and answer in advance.

Doctor: It would take time for the inflammation/infection to resolve especially in that part which is very rich in veins. Fungal infections usually don’t leave scars or lesions.On the other hand the medication that you are using, Ketoconazole causes redness, tenderness, swelling, pain, or warmth in the place where you apply it. If you notice any increase or change in the color of the skin consult your physician for a reevaluation.