Anaphylactic reaction to ibuprofen

Patient: Can using ibuprofen while on topical steroid cream cause a reaction? I have been on steroid cream for a few days and after taking Ibuprofen woke up with swelling and a terrible rash on my face. It may be a coincidence, just not sure. Thanks!

Doctor: Ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory medication that certainly may cause side effects. In my opinion I don’t think there mi might be an interaction from the topical prednisone and the Ibuprofen pill; however it might have been produced by ibuprofen only.Rash can be considered a moderate to severe reaction and you should consider consulting your PCP to rule out allergic reaction conditions such as Steven Johnson’s syndrome, I would suggest you to stop taking both medications until a physician evaluates you profoundly. Watch for other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, itchiness and chest pain. Please seek immediate attention if you notice any of them. I wish you a prompt recovery.