Anaphylaxis where Epipen is used: how to get to a hospital?

Patient: Hi! I’ve been diagnosed with allergy to spawn of a fish after having an anaphylactic reaction from eating it a couple of months ago (my lips and throat begun to itch and swell, my voice changed and it became more difficult to swallow). We called an ambulance but my reaction had stopped developing when the ambulance arrived (my breathing was never affected) so the paramedics thought I didn’t have to go to the hospital. They gave me no medication since the reaction was slowly wearing off (although I had some sort of lump in my throat still several hours after the reaction that didn’t disappear until late evening the same day). Now I’m always carrying an Epipen and antihistamines with me after having reacted strongly in an allergy test.So, to my question. When suffering an anaphylactic chock, I’ve understood that you should always go to the hospital (especially if you’ve used an Epipen). But I wonder, should you call for an ambulance or ask your friend to give you a ride to get you there? Of course it depends on how severe the reaction is, but if I endure a similar anaphylactic reaction as the previous one that I described, I take my Epipen and it helps, should I call an ambulance or someone to give me a ride? I’m wondering about this because I don’t want to call for an ambulance in vain if the reaction doesn’t get worse, but at the same time I wonder if it’s risky to let a friend give me a ride to the hospital if the reaction get worse during the ride, and I’ve already used my Epipen?I’m grateful for answers! :)//Sara

Symptoms: Symptoms: Anaphylactic reaction, itchy lips and throat, swelling of lips and throat, hoarseness, trouble swallowing