Patient: I have been completely tired and weak lately and just that feeling of blah. I do have Lupus, but tests for this came back has normal, so I am still in remission. My right did have a biopsy back awhile ago with mild kidney disease. This was taken when i was 18 years old and I’m 36 now. So i’ve been living with Lupus for awhile. Protein came back not too bad and ESR is a little high. I’m on Thyroid medication for Hypothyroidism. My blood pressure has raised in the last few months and my heart rate has increased. I’m having a hard time sleeping. Recently just got over an infection (included back pain) in the last 2 weeks. Never had this problem before. Anyways with these symptoms Doctor decided to run some Iron tests. This is what it showed:Iron: 18TIBC: 376 (normal?)Iron Sat: 5%Ferritin: 7Haptoglobin: 154RBC, AUTO 4.76HCT, AUTO 31.0MCV 65.1MCH 21.2MCHC 32.6RDW 18.5He’s thinking Iron Def. but I’ve read that usually the TIBC should be high in Iron Def. Looks like it came back normal. He has not gotten back to me with the result of these online tests that I can see, but I’m a little worried with my Sat% and the meantime i’ve been taking Iron supp like he suggests but I’m not feeling any better..Any suggestions till I see my Doctor in a couple of months…thank you for any information or suggestions. oh and note I do not have heavy periods.