Patient: I have recurring Low HGB, HCT and RBC with a high RDW with normal B-12 and Folate. With a little low Iron (total) and normal TIBC and Ferritin Do I need to take Iron Pills or is there any thing else I can do?

Doctor: The treatment for your anemia would depend on the levels of Hgb and the symptoms that you have at the moment. It would b e necessary to know the exact level of your Hemoglobin in order to give you an exact answer. However you could increase the iron in your diet by eating beef liver and spinach which are some of the best natural sources for iron, you might also want to take multivitamins that contain a small amount of iron.On the other hand, I would suggest you to consult your primary care physician to rule out possible internal bleeding, you might need to rule out colonic polyps or peptic ulcer that could have been producing your anemia. I wish you the best.