Anemia complications

Patient: I am 56 and have been diagnosed with Anemia, my blood count was down to 5.6 andI had a transfusion of 4 units 3 weeks ago. I am on Ferous Sulphate tablets andmy blood count is up to 12.1. How long should I expect until my health is atfull strength again and can go back to work?

Doctor: I understand how worried you are about your anemia diagnosis. Certainly you needed a blood transfusion due to your low h emoglobin level that put you on the diagnosis of moderate to severe anemia.The blood transfusion increased your hemoglobin level; however the next step that I would suggest you is to find the cause of your Anemia. A simple blood work could guide us on the possible causes of your anemia, also at your age it’s recommended to have a screening test for possible occult blood in your stool. In the meantime I would definitely suggest you to continue taking your iron pills but also try natural sources such as Beef Liver and spinach which contain a good amount of iron.with your current levels of HB, yoiu should feel more energy,light work can be done.I wish you a prompt recovery.