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Anemia getting worse. What should I do?

Patient: I have always been anemic.I don’t recall a time when I wasn’t- even as a little girl.Normally, an iron tablet a day would be just fine.However, I have been noticing other symptoms in the past like 6 months? or so. It’s been a while.what can I do to ease these symptoms?



Symptoms: trouble breathing ( I never feel like I’m breathing enough),
heart starts beating super fast all of a sudden- even when I didn’t even move!,
sometimes, my heart starts beating really slow and I feel like something is sucking all the air up inside my body,
feel like bugs running up my legs?! but there’s nothing!,
extreme dizziness and nausea,
head feels too heavy,
constantly sleepy,
complete lack of appetite,
lack of energy,
dry mouth,
grumpy and short tempered,
feel like a massive amount of blood is draining when I stand up or even move my head a bit (Often times just moving my eye balls give pangs of dizziness),
my nails are extremely weak and breaks off easily (more like crumbles off…)





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