Anemia in children

Patient: Hi,I have a question regarding anemia.My daughter, who is two, was diagnosed with TEC (transient erythromblastopenia of the Childhood) back in March, her blood counts were dangerously low (red-5k, white-1k, platelets-90). She received a blood transfusion and over a month later, she finally began producing her own blood again.Two weeks ago we had our last appointment where they told us her blood counts were right on target and everything looked good, we didn’t have to come back again.We were told anemia could happen due to TEC, but the doctors didn’t seem concerned or even mentioned it at our last appointment.But she’s doing two things that worry me:1. She is craving ice, she’s reaching into glasses to grab at ice, she wants it almost all the time. She’s been doing this for about 2 or 3 weeks and we were told it’s a sign on anemia (she was doing this all the time prior to her diagnosis of TEC, which she was anemic during prior to the blood transfusion).2. She keeps having full body twitching.She exhibited this right before we found out about the TEC. She had gotten a minor concussion and so we thought she was having a seizure and took her to the ER. They did an MRI and found no brain swelling or damage, so they said the twitching isn’t from that.But since then, she’s had these full body twitches about 5 times and they last about 5 to 10 seconds.Could this be anemia?