Anemia in males, what is the treatment?

Patient: I am 52 years old man. I am a commercial pilot. In the recent medical exam, my haemoglobin level in the blood test, came out to be 12.4. Is it normal? Do I need any medical? What can be the reason for this low level? I am otherwise perfectly healthy.

Doctor: A hemoglobin level less than 13 mg/dl usually indicates iron deficiency anemia in males. The causes of iron deficiency a nemia could be due to a lack of iron in the diet, blood loss from sources in the body such as a peptic ulcer, polyp or in rare cases tumors of the intestines.I would suggest that you take iron supplements and eat foods rich in iron such as chicken, lentils, fish, meat, whole gain bread, spinach and other greens. Usually your blood count should return to normal within 1-2 months. If hemoglobin is still low after these dietary measures, I would then suggest that you get your self investigated for other causes of anemia as mentioned above.