Patient: Hi, I was diagnosed with severe iron deficiency anemia back on October 1, 2014. Since then, I have become very weak and have not been able to walk well at all. I have severe leg pain and cannot sit or stand for long periods of time without pain or inflammation. I have seen quite a few doctors and they still have not found a diagnosis/cure for me to help me with my pain. Can you help with this?

Symptoms: Severe leg pain, aching, swelling, difficulty walking/standing/sitting, poor balance

Doctor: Hi dear patient,Its very distressing to have leg pain and not been abe to walk, its awful. severe leg pain,aching,swel ling, difficulty walking/standing/sitting,poor balance all these are suggestive of chronic condition. Because you already got treated for Iron deficiency anemia last year and you have visited quite a number of docors for the same situation. You need a thorough examination and detailed history of your illness since how long you have been suffering, what are the symptoms which you frequently encounter, your food habbits, etc. My advise would be to consult a hematologist for further needful. He may advise complete blood tests, ultrasound abdomen, bonemarrow studies, serum Iron profile, liver function and kidney function tests you kindly go through it.