Anemia or Health Related?

Patient: I am a 19 year old female. I have a history of anemia; lately I’ve been feeling very dizzy and tired, sometimes I start to get shaky and it triggers anxiety. Despite the lethargy, when it comes to going to bed I cannot sleep due to this vertigo-type feeling. These symptoms are also present throughout random times in the day, whether I’m sitting, laying, or standing. I have been drinking plenty of water and taking iron supplements again (I had been off them for a couple years with no complications) and these symptoms began around the 6th of this month. I know there is no sure way to know (if it’s my anemia) without a blood test, which I’m unable to get done any time soon. But could there be any other reason for these symptoms/ways to aid them?

Symptoms: Dizziness, shaking, lethargy