Animal bites in diabetics

Patient: We had a small fire in our apartment building last night. My cat was frightened by the alarm and bit me when I tried to carry him out. I\\\’m not worried about infection, as I was already taking amoxicillin, but he got my right in the joint of my thumb. Now, it\\\’s slightly swollen, red, stiff, and very painful. It even hurts to touch it at the very base. Should I be concerned? I am a 52 year old female diabetic.

Symptoms: two puncture wounds, redness, swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Doctor: First things, If it is a domestic cat and unlikely to have contracted rabies, I presume you are not prone for the same. Keep your pet under observation for 10 days.You will probably need a tetanus toxoid injection, if you have not been vaccinated in the past 3-5 yearsSome pain and inflammation (it’s a mechanism of body’s defense against any injury) are common in animal bites. You can take mild over the counter analgesics. If the pain persists, worsens after 48-72 hrs, I would suggest you to consult a Doctor for evaluation of possible abscess (pus collection) which needs drainage.Are you sugars under optimum control If not, that is important..