Ankle injury that differs from others

Patient: So about 4 months ago i rolled my ankle inwardly playing sports. The weird thing was i didn’t feel it and didn’t hurt, and there was no bruising or swelling so i ignored it. i had also started a vertical jump program for basketball that week which i continued to do. after about 1 1/2 weeks of the program i started having noticeable pain. So i took a break for a while. The area felt achey and squishy to the touch. i did the RICE method for a couple weeks untill the pain stopped and i could walk on it perfectly fine. only when i would try to run and jump would it hurt. i still had a decent amount of flexibility in so i started to do light stuff. my brain has taken over as well and i feel uncomfortable trying to do stuff on it. it has felt the same now for abut 7 to 8 weeks. So monday i decided to start doing some things with it again and it hurts while using it but not terribly painful. so is that pain from getting used to it again that will eventually go away, or is it pain from not being healed all the way yet. My other questions are should i continue to do stuff on it, when will i know its healed, how to get confidence in it again, and how long will it take.–Thanks