Ankle pain and swelling after standing and walking for several hours

Patient: I walk a high amount at work for six hours non-stop on average. After work my ankles appear swollen and almost liquidy around the bony protrusions on each side (the swollen skin is very tight), they’re also sensitive to touch especially just behind the protruding bone on the outside of leg and opposite with the inside of leg they also appear veiny? The pain is present during work but not as noticeable until afterwards. When I rest after highly active days such as work days they become more bothersome upon initial rest for a while then slowly fade. Any advice on prevention, or thoughts on the condition?

Doctor: There are many non-traumatic causes of ankle pain and swelling, meaning: sitting or standing too long, pregnancy, overus e, varicose veins, cardiac problems, diuretics and drug abuse, Rheumatoid arthritis even eating a poor diet high in salt and Carbs. In your case it seems that standing too long is the cause, during the day the gravity force pulls the fluids to your feet and ankles producing to swell. The treatment depends on the cause of swelling, I suggest for you that after work elevate legs above the level of your heart, reduce your salt intake and daily exercise may help also to maintain a good cardiovascular system and circulation helping to reduce the swelling.