Ankle sprains with torned ligaments

Patient: I sprain my ankle in july was in a boot for eight weeks. in sept I return to work n felt fine but the last couple of weeks my ankle has swo;;en and some numbness n at time cannot put a lot of weight on it. I work retail so I am on my feet for eight or nine hours

Symptoms: Swelling,numbness,aching around the ankle bone

Doctor: It is very unlikely that if you had a simple sprain in July, your pain would get aggravated now.There is a possibility that you might have ligament tear there.Get an MRI of the Ankle done.Varicose vein is also a possibility.Also get following to rule out other causes of such pain and swelling which you might be just co-relating to the injury you had:1. Thyroid function tests.2. Fasting blood sugar.3. Liver and Kidney function test.4. Urine for albumin.Till then, start doing hot fomentation daily.Sleep with leg raised position with a pillow beneath them.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.