Ankle X-ray results following fall

Patient: Can you please explain to me what this means on an x-ray report? The radiologist wrote “There is no fracture or dislocation. The ankle mortis is intact. There is bony enthesopathy at the Achilles insertion on the posterior calcaneus. There is mild degenerative bony spurring at the inferior tip of the lateral malleolus.” I was told by the ordering doctor’s office that the xray was negative, but after a few Google searches it does not seem that the xray report and a bruised/swollen/painful ankle indicate negative results so I would love some explanation.

Symptoms: Swelling, bruising, pain…lasting longer than a week

Doctor: HelloThanks for posting your query on ATDX ray usually show only bony counters. it may not show soft tissue,tendon or cartilage injury.Your x ray suggestive of no evidence of fracture.There is thickening at the insertion of achilles tendon and bony spur at lateral malleolus.These findings can be correlated with your previous surgeries at same site.It also denotes hardening or stiffening of joint and setting up of early osteoarthritis.When xray is reported negative that usually means that there is no bony ailments.But it does not always rule out possibility of soft tissue swelling or injury.Streching exercises help to relieve the stiffness.Applying compression stockings is also helpful.For further management you are advised to consult your doctor