Another Possible Pregnancy

Patient: I just started birth control two sundays ago. Last saturday, I took my pill about 9 hours late, but then proceeded to take it on time again. Yesterday, my boyfriend and i had sex, when his condom broke. He pulled out as soon as it broke, and he had not ejaculated. What is the possibility of becoming pregnant?Remember:-no ejaculation-pulled out as soon as the condom broke-on birth control for 8 daysPlease help! thanks.

Doctor: I realize your concern about possible pregnancy. Surely it is recommended to use a backup contraceptive method in the fi rst month of starting your oral contraceptives, especially in the first 2 weeks. There might be a possibility, but it would be very unlikely to become pregnant especially since there was no ejaculation if you are positive about this. I would suggest you to comply with your contraceptives and wait for your menses to occur at the end of the cycle, and if they dont show, dont panic since the oral contraceptives could cause irregularities in your menses and might prolong it. I wish you the best.