Anterior Shoulder Luxation with bone and cartilage torn

Patient: My 13 year old son dislocated his shoulder playing football. It was diagnosed as an anterior dislocation. He has had an xray and a MRI and has been seen by two doctors who have consulted with two other doctors. The MRI revealed a piece of bone and cartilage has been torn. It has been recommended he have anthroscopic Bankart Repair and Capsulerrhaphy. I have been reading and researching and trying to decide if surgery is the best route to go or if physical therapy should be our first choice. He does want to return to sports, he plays football, basketball, and baseball.

Doctor: In the view that the MRI is showing injuries in both bone and cartilage the surgical reconstruction by arthroscopy is r recommended. I would advise your son to be careful with that shoulder in the future, because repeated subluxation or luxation of the shoulder deteriorate the capsule and ligaments of the joint, causing chronic pain and instability that may be end up in having another operation to correct recurrent shoulder dislocations. Actually, there are many studies that have shown the increased likelihood of traumatic shoulder arthritis in patients with multiple shoulder dislocations. The operation may consist of either open or arthroscopic treatment of the cause of instability, and of course a Rehabilitation program after surgery to control pain, limitation and regain full function. So, from now on he has to try to avoid movements and activities that can potentially cause dislocation and work out to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders.