Anti biotic Reduce of symptoms

Patient: I had a surgical abortion today and was given azithromycin antibiotics, i was required to just take one dose, i have work tomorrow however and would really want to avoid the common side effect of diarrhea or nausea, do you have any suggest to reduce this or if it will happen at all.

Doctor: Taking fewer antibiotics than prescribed not only puts you at a risk of infection due to reduced potency but also to tha t of developing resistance to the antibiotic. It is never a good idea to not complete the prescribed course of antibiotics.I can understand the side effects maybe distressing to you. You could have discussed at options to combat these side effects with your doctor such as using probiotics, anti motility medicines or anti diarehoeals for the loose motions. It is better to treat the side effects rather than giving up altogether.Discuss this with your doctor before you risk your health like this