Anti – d injection related

Patient: Dear Dr, Please let me know, how long anti -D injection remains effective inside the body. Some say 6 weeks and other say 12 week. I am confused. As it is almost 12 weeks now after taking the first injection, and 15 days back I had spotting.Regards, Monjoor

Symptoms: Spotting

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,It is to be understood that anti-d injection is given to women who are Rh negative bloo d group and pregnant with a Rh positive child and who have not been isoimmunized which is first confirmed by indirect combo’s test.It is also given to women who have undergone abortion with a Rh positive partner to prevent isoimmunization. Usually after abortion only a single dose within 72 hrs can be protective until she becomes pregnant again with a Rh positive pregnancy.During the pregnancy, a prophylactic injection is given at 28 weeks and the second within 72 hrs of delivery again to prevent isoimmunization which can cause problems in next pregnancy if isoimmunization occurs.So if you don;t intend pregnancy again, then one injection is enough for life now, but if you intend pregnancy again then it would have to be given again during 28th week of pregnancy.I hope I have been able to answer your concern.wishing you healthy life,regards