Antibiotic course for acne treatment

Patient: I’ve had acne for 1 year now. And I have been seeking treatment from a dermatologist. It has been improving. I get flare ups from time to time and still have a few cysts. I have one really active cyst right now and a few painful bumps. Usually, my dermatologist puts me on 2000mg cetaflexin (keflex-500mg X 4times a day with food) for about 2 weeks when I have a flare up. I was wondering if I should take the antibiotic as I still have inflammation and pus. Should I take a lower dose for 14 days or if I should take the same dose for 7 days as the number of cysts are fewer than usual.

Symptoms: Inflamatory cystic acne

Doctor: Hellothank you for posting your query to ATDthe thing which is bothering you that you are having chronic acne wit h active cyst.obviously there will be infection but use of same antibiotic repeatedly does not give satisfactory result. there is chance of developing resistance to antibiotic.Acne are also related with hormonal imbalance, type of skin (oily/dry), pollutants, cosmetics and particularly are advised to consult your doctor who may change your regimen of antibiotic possibly with clarithromycin, minocycline, doxycycline etc.please discuss with him to carry out hormone are advised to wash your face frequently with soap.Avoid using creams.Avoid cold drinks,spicy food and fried fast lot of vegetable salad.