Antidepressant side effects or hypoglycemia?

Patient: Yesterday I had a very emotionally and physically stressful day caring for my terminally-ill mother-in-law. And it was very hot and humid. I had normal meals during the day, then ate a bowl of ice cream at bedtime. When I woke up (after approx. 7.5 hours of sleep) I was a little bit dizzy and unbalanced, completely exhausted, and my thinking seemed fuzzy. Could I have hypoglycemia caused by excess cortisol from the stress? I am taking 2 antidepressants that state “may cause dizziness upon standing” and I increased the dosage on 1 of them 3 weeks ago. I have had this dizziness several times in the last week, but I think this is the first time for the exhaustion and trouble thinking. I had the exhaustion and trouble thinking in the morning several times during college (20 years ago) and it always improved by eating a couple pieces of candy or chocolate. Thank you.