Anus Fissue Suspected

Patient: Painfully Urgent ! , Sir I’m having Extreme pain in anal area with wounded masle spam in sphincter muscle , I’m waiting for my medical insurance to be completed meanwhile I would just like to know if you can assist me to at least let me know if its related to Fissure or Fistula , as its burning pain & need just quick remedy until i see doctor in two days ( Please see the image and if you can only give a rough opinion about this)

Anus Fissue Suspected-1

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and the picture.The history you have provided and hte picture you have provided indicates that this may be due a boil.The picture you have posted shows a small abscess, with a smaller one nearby as an extension, hair can be seen coming out of it and there is yellow pointing spot which shows that it may burst open anytime.Whether this is a simple boil or a part of the fistula can be determined only by probing on the operation table.Now another requirement is to get a temporary relief till you get your insurance papers align.You can do the following:- Sitz bath in a warm water to sooth the area.- Tablets like Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling and to reduce the pain.- Local application of liquid povidone iodine to make the area sterile.- Antibiotics and other supportive medicines as advised by your Doctor or the Surgeon.- Surgery if indicated.I hope this answer helps you.