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Anxiety and trouble swallowing

Patient: Hi 24 years old city of San Diego my question is a nutrition concern well I’m 5’3 my normal weight is 125 but now I’m 89 pounds I’m a mother of 4 kids my body change so much ever since I had my children I also suffer anxiety I have trouble swallowing food I feel like I’m choking with it and that’s when I get anxious and get panic attacks I wanna get weight and be myself again this is not me everybody that sees me ask me if I’m sick or anything I really need that help anything that will help me gain weight I need myself back again




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Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you are having problem with swallowing, better to consul t your doctor and get examined to rule out any abnormality at throat or esophagus level.After ruling out these problems, you can plan diet to increase bodyweight.By concentrating on denser foods like proteins containing foods like chicken, fish, boiled soy beans, peanuts, boiled eggs etc, adding more unrefined healthy oils like olive, coconut, palm oil etc, butter, toast etc to diet and taking carbohydrates in the form of whole bread with jam, honey, butter, fruits like banana, apples, pears, dry fruits etc, vegetables like potatoes, carrots, corns, peas etc and protein shakes, juices, whole milk etc can help in increasing weight.Foods to be avoided are packed snaks, processed meat, diet sodas etc.Take care


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