Anxiety/Low self esteem

Patient: Hi,I am really worried about my girlfriend below are a list of things that regularly happenWorrying about how something is going to go before happensThinking everyone is against youThinking no one likes youWorrying about how things went, did I speak ok, did everything go ok, did I say anything stupidAnxietyLow self esteemWorrying that you had an accident on way home, checking websites to see if anyone had been hurt on your journeyWorrying if you had done something wrong at work, are you going to get sackedSaying I hate myself a lotSaying if I didn’t have Dylan (our son) I would be better off deadOverthink everything, think everything has another meaning, tell me what I really meant when I actually meant what I said.She has been to a doctor and received some medication but then she was diagnosed with early menopause and has stopped taking them. Gemma is 38