Anxiety or not from sex

Patient: I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend a week ago. We used a condom and it didn’t break so I don’t think it’s likely I could be pregnant. But everyday since I’ve been having cramping in my stomach. Most girls can tell if their pregnant by missing their period, but my period has always been kinda off and I used to have to take the pill to regulate it but they took me off so I’m irregular again. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to say anything to my mom about it. I’m not sure if its a possibility or if its just my anxiety getting to me??

Symptoms: Stomach cramp

Doctor: Unless the condom broke, it is highly unlikely that you could be pregnant. You could do a home pregnancy test around 15 days after the day of your intercourse to check for the possibility of a pregnancy. The home pregnancy kits are easy to use and if you follow the instructions on the pack carefully its unlikely that you could go wrong with it.The cramping sensation could be a sign of a pelvic infection. Any pelvic infection would also be associated with other symptoms such as fever, vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse, burning sensation while passing urine etc. If you miss your periods or experience any further symptoms of a pelvic infection, you could visit a nurse, doctor or health care provider with a request for an examination. You might also want to discuss the use of emergency contraceptive tablets as safeguard against any future mishaps while using a condom.