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Any alternative for Benicar HCT?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Is there a good alternative to Benicar HCT? It works well for me but is so expensive. I was on another drug before this but it had horrible coughing as a side effect. BenicarHCT has given me no side effects. Can you give me some leads or suggestions please?


Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.

There is no alternative available for Benicar HCT at this time, since it has patent until 2016 and no other generic form of this medication would be available in the market until the patent expires. The only option is to talk to your doctor about switching over to other blood pressure medication with similar results and fewer side effects.

Benacir is a Olmesartan which is a Angiotensin Receptor Blocker and you can use another ARB to replace it. The new ARB will be one that has lesser side effects and hence will help you with a better result of medication. To get this medication you need to talk to your Doctor for the best results.

Wishing you the best of health.

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