Any other treatments or advice, only eighteen, knee pain

Patient: Hi i was told i had patella malalignment and was given physiotherapy exercises and anti inflamitry’s and was told that that should cure the problem, that was abouot 3 months ago and if anything it has got worse it is now sore when i am riding my horses and the pain is sharper when i am sitting in class for just 1 period, sitting watching television, bending down, goin up and downstairs. i am only 18 in 2 months time and this is worrying and i do not want surgery at such a young age bt i dont no what to do. what is further treatment for this problem, any other advice or treatment would be greatly appreiated, any other info needed then just ask thanks

Doctor: Since you have already started physio and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, there is really nothing else you can do but to go see your orthopedic surgeon, get an MRI done and maybe have them scope the knee. It is better to have it treated at a young age then when you are older as it will heal much quicker and your rehab will be easier. Hope this helps.