Aplastic anemia specific numbers

Patient: I do not understand your answer. at my worst, platelets were at 11, wbc was at 2.2, rbc was at 3.04, hemo was at 8.0 and neutrophils were at 572. can you tell me if i had moderate or severe or very severe?these numbers from your answer I do not understandNeutrophils < 1.0 G/L /Platelets < 50 G/LReticulocytes < 20 G/L Symptoms: None Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Neutrophils are a part of whit e blood cells, which are involved in defence and immunity. They are also lowered in aplastic anemia. The range that you provided when the values were the worst, indicates mild-moderate aplastic anemia. Severe aplastic anaemia patients have a very high reticule cute count, hemoglobin often less than 5, and wbcs below 2000.From the values you mentioned, your hemoglobin is low, in the moderately low range and same is the case for white blood cells and platelets. However, to assess the severity of aplastic anemia, you need to mention your reticulocyte count too without which a diagnosis is not possible. If possible, upload the reports in the follow-up. Also, do mention if you have any symptoms such as shortness of breath, severe fatigue, recurrent infections, e.t.cHope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards. Comments / Follow Ups Patient: i do not show reticulocyte numbers. and this was five years ago when i was given 3-6 mo to live. i turned away from allopathic medicine and found chinese medicine to be of great help. and i got better without IST. I am writing a book about it and did not want to say i had severe AA unless I did. I thought the platelets being at 11 might show that I was. I do not think i ever got a reticulocyte count. only the other ones i mentioned. So, are we in agreement, i had moderate AA? even with prognosis of death in 3-6 mo? Doctor: Yes, in my opinion you had moderate aplastic anemia. I would have called it severe if the hemoglobin was below 5. Feel free to discuss further, Regards.