Appearance of whie hair at 17

Patient: Hello,i am 17. I am starting to observe some white hairs(4 to 5) on my head. I am physically fit with no illness. Can you please tell me the reason and solution to this problem ? plus i am vegetarian

Symptoms: White hair

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.The color in the hair is due to the melanin (eu melanin and pheomelanin) and when the melanin content goes down one experienced graying of the hair. It could be associated with underlying conditions like vitamin B deficiency, certain conditions causing low bone density or pituitary or thyroid gland issues etc.Apart from graying of the hair if you notice any other symptoms like, change in heat or cold tolerance, weight changes, changes in the bowel habit, changes in menstruation cycle etc.please visit a physician immediately.Hope this information was useful.