Appendicitis ?

Patient: Do I have a appendicitis? 40 hours ago I woke up at approximately my normal schedual. However I had an ache in my stomach. It was situated mainly around the bellybutton and up to my chest (along the middle line of my abs, from the lowest point all the way up to my chest). I remember thinking that maybe I was hungry, so I ate, but no relief. The lingering pain was there still with an occassional “sting” to the right and left side (approx where the appendix is on the right side). I figured it was just a tummy ache that would pass over night, today I woke up without remembering the pain and when I stood up the pain was there again, quite intense, but not way worse than yesterday. All throughout the day I have had this pain in the middle area of my stomach and a little around my right side from time to time, but not constant. It’s worse when walking up stairs.I do not appear to have any rebound pain.If I lie down on my tummy the pain immediately centers to the middle of my stomach.The area where my appendix is does not feel any tender or painful to the touch, but sometimes pain arise in the area spontaneously and lasts a few seconds.No pain when coughing or sneezing, I had quite a sneeze attack earier with some strong sneezes and no sudden increase in pain at all.Obviously I figured that the best thing to do would be to google my symptoms to see if there was something serious.Although some of the areas seems to fit appendicitis there are quite a lot of symptoms I feel like I am missing, which is why I am asking you to clarify if you can.The symptoms that I do not have which most MED sites tell me I should have is this:No fever – I have measured 3 times yesterday and 6 times today (rectal) and it remains 37.2 in the morning and 37.5 now at night.Absolutely no nausea or problems with eating at all ( I have withstained from eating much today just in case it is appendicitis as I read that was the best thing, but if I do that too long I fear a tummy ache from that will confuse my symptoms )No problem passing stool or gas, actually I might have passed some extra gas today, not a lot, but definitely not any problems there.I had a pack of diabetes urine tests lying around which also measures ketones, I have no elevation of ketones (which I read could be a symptom).So is it likely that it is appendicitis or are there other things that can mimmick the pains ? Also what are some UNMISTAKABLE symptoms?Love this website!