Are itchy red bumps on my body contagious?

Patient: Hi i just went to a doctor about itchy bites appearing in random places all over my body. it all started in the pubic area. I showed him some of the bites and he had wasn’t sure what it was because I had no reasoning for them. He prescribed me to loratadine. My main question is, would this be contagious?? I have been stating with my girlfriend the last couple of nights and i’m scared she might get the same thing. Also itching happens most often at night

Symptoms: itchy bites

Doctor: Such itchy eruptions scattered all over the body are commonly seen in allergic reactions, certain viral Infections or fu ngal infections. It is important to observe the pattern of skin involvement and the character of the rashes or vesicles before a clinical diagnosis is made. Although, allergies are not contagious, other conditions like viral or fungal infections can be transmitted from one person to the other with close contact. You are advised to follow up with a Dermatologist for further evaluation and management.