Are muscle tear permanent?

Patient: Hi, I’m a female who tore a muscle in the front area of my hip 3 weeks ago, and it has not since healed. I know it is because I have not been resting properly like I should, and now I regret this because I am concerned about permanent damage. My question is can hip tears be permanent? And in what situations or indications? Thanks

Symptoms: Hip pain, stiffness, spasms

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your question on ATD.It is important that we determine what grade of tear you have, whether it w as a tear or a muscle pull which is causing your hip pain before even starting any type of treatment.For this, you will have to see a doctor to examine your affected area.Doctor may suggest MRI of the hip to assess whether there are any torn muscle, ligaments or inflammation of muscle.Bed rest, applying ice, physiotherapy shall help.For this your doctor may advise you to take oral analgesic medication such as Advil, naproxen, etc