Are my symptoms really abnormal?

Patient: I woke up to pee earlier this morning but because I had been holding it in for a while I felt uncomfortable down there. When I finally did, at the end there seemed to be a light red almost pink trail of blood in the toilet. Afterwards I still felt like I needed to pee but could only get a few drops out, each time it was light red almost pink. I started getting worried so I drank about 1.5 cups of water to see if it would stop. But once I peed the second time, the same thing happened again and I would have slight pink orange pee. That continued on for at least 5 times and I still feel like I have the urge to pee but it feels like I’ve been holding it in ( pee is now orangey to light yellow)

Symptoms: Light red pinkish orangey blood spotted in pee, still feel the urge to pee after, no symptoms of pregnancy