Are my symptons a Diabetic emergency?

Patient: I have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes since age 13 (Now aged 20) and Juv Arthritis since age 2. My diabetes has poorly controlled but recently improved. Today at work both back parts of my hands went mostly numb, later that evening I suffered serious chest pain (after being tickled by my partner) and have had shortness of breath since. The chest pain was like squeezing in the center of the chest. Around one hour later I had pain in the center of left arm. I have been extremely tired since.

Doctor: Diabetes and hypertension are the conditions , if not controlled well may lead to Many other health problems. So they ne ed to be controlled , do not neglect to take your medicine .If you are taking the the medicine regularly and still your sugar levels are not controlled you need to consult your doctor for increasing the dose of your medicine or change of medicine .The other symptoms your complaining if may be due to poor diabetic control or may be due to other underlying conditions , To rule out this you need to consult your doctor as you have to get certain investigations like blood examination and chest x ray , ECG etc to rule out any other associated pathology .Do take your medications regularly , maintain your sugar levels and consult your doctor as he will do a complete clinical examination and investigations to diagnose and treat you accordingly . Thank you