Are nonstress test necessary

Patient: Hello, I am currently 30 weeks pregnant. I did a quad screening at 21 weeks. My AFP came back slightly elevated (2.9). They repeated the test and it was close to 4. I was told that I was at risk for hypertension and preeclampsia, but that my baby probably wouldn’t have any other birth defects. A sonogram confirmed that the baby looked normal. I have been going for my normal prenatal check-ups since then. Everything else has been normal. My blood pressure, weight and belly growth are all normal. My gestational diabetes test was fine. I’m not experiencing and abnormal side effects. My feet aren’t even swollen yet. My urine has been normal (whatever they are testing in my urine). And everything still looked fine on my follow-up sonogram. I am being told that in a few weeks I have to go to twice a week to have nonstress tests done until I deliver. I know that they are looking out for the baby, but at this point it feels like overkill. I’m going to have to visit a doctor 3 times a week basically for one (well 2 technically) slightly elevated tests. I still have to work to support my family and this is going to greatly cut into my schedule. I don’t feel like I have even been given a choice. None of these precautions would have been taken had I not had an optional test done. Is all of this really necessary?