Are skin sutures disovable?

Patient: My daughter recently returned trom Asia where she need approximately 13 sutures under her chin for a deep laceration. She saw a Dr regarding the removal over there and they removed one suture at each end of the laceration and said the rest would absorb. I can see the remaining sutures still in her skin. Although they look really fine, is this normal? It has been 2 1/2 weeks since the accident. (The doctor that removed the sutures was in a different city than the Doctor that put the sutures in)

Doctor: There are certain types of suture that are absorbable, however these sutures are not usually used to repair lacerations that occur after an accident. I cannot say if the sutures your daughter has will absorb. You should also note that for sutures that are absorbable they usually disapper after about 10-14 days