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Patient: Can ursodeoxycholic acid harm the baby if you take while pregnant

Symptoms: Obstetric cholestasis

Doctor: Ursodeoxycholic acid is prescrribed for intrahepatic obstetric cholestatsis, a condition in pregnancy when the bile salt s fail to get cleared during pregnancy thereby causing deposits of these salts under a woman’s skin. This condition is associated with intense itching and ursodeoxycholic acid is effective and safe in correcting some biochemical abnormalities. The mechanism of UDCA is unknown. One putative action of UDCA is that the drug inserts a key translocator or transporter protein, improving bile salt export from the liver and theoretically reducing the risk to the fetus. Most studies in patients with intrahepatic cholestatsis with follow up of infants post delivery have suggested no developmental defects.Hence it would be safe to conclude that use of UDCA in patients with intrahepatic cholestasis is devoid of any risks to the baby.