Are there any disadvantages of the medifast diet program?

Patient: Hi there i am wondering if you can help me? My wife cannot lose weight even when she exercises daily and tries to eat sensibly, nothing seems to work. Recently we read on the internet about the medifast diet program. Is this diet different that the other diet programs? Also are there any disadvantages of this diet?

Doctor: The disadvantages of the medifast diet is that :Medifast may prove to be a bit pricey for some consumers considering it costs more than $200 per month.The Medifast eating program may be difficult for some individuals to keep up with since it involves eating six meals each day.Some dieters may find the Medifast plan somewhat restricting since they’re only able to consume the Medifast meals.Medifast meals have to be eaten every 2-3 hours, which may not fit every dieter’s schedule. Some individuals become “bored” with the meals and even find some unappetizing.Medifast does not appear to contain any specific active ingredients that curb hunger or promote fat reduction. ?Your wife can try the medifast provided that she sticks to the regimen and consults a doctor before starting the program. The diet program is not recommended in pregnancy and persons with kidney disease.